Andrew Hicks

I am passionate about play, learning, and leadership. I am founder of Big Shoulders Media LLC, and I am the author of Gamer to CEO, a book where I investigate the positive aspects of video games.

Speaker & Presenter

I am always excited to speak to a group of people because I am passionate about the subjects of gaming, play, learning and leadership. I am happy to find a way to help you, your company, or your classroom.


My book, Gamer to CEO, was published in 2015 and is available on Amazon. Gamer to CEO identifies the virtues of video games, profiles some current leaders who grew up as gamers, and offers advice on how to build future leaders using gaming and play.

Founder of Big Shoulders Media

At Big Shoulders Media we take gaming and play very seriously. I founded this company in early 2014 as a platform to develop guides, workshops, and interactive media around ideas of learning and leadership. We hold workshops and I speak at events.

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"Mr. Hicks is a great teacher because he is energetic, entertaining, and intelligent. He would challenge you with any comments you may have put forth to try and make you analyze deeper on a given subject. He definitely encouraged participation and was open minded about both sides of an argument."


"Mr. Hicks is a very intelligent and funny man, he presented the material in interesting ways and kept the class engaged throughout the semester. I enjoyed his teaching style and have a lot of respect for him as a teacher."


"Andrew was an amazing professor, always offering help and challenged me as a student. I enjoyed his class and would love to take more from him."